Magnesia Education and culture Association was established in November 2015 as a non governmental Organization by seven members. They are: Ali Şahin Sarızeybek, Necmi Sivas, Fahri Durdu, Ahmet Tülü, Osman Topfişenk, Mustafa Akdeniz and İlyas Hasdoğru.

In April 2016 our association completed its first General Assembly as president Ali Şahin Sarızeybek Necmi Sivas, vice president Fahri Durdu; accountant, Ahmet Tülü, secretariat and İlyas Hasdoğru, member.

Our Organisation MAGNESIA is a non govermental Organisation that consists of a group of volunteers wondering to participate and share Erasmus+. It consists of an active promotion of european citizenship by integrating different projects all over Europe. Offering the largest range of possibilities to share European Union.

In order to that, we’ve been taking part in many international adult exchanges, seminars, conferences, summer camps, training courses, outdoor activities, congresses, youth/adult internships, campaigns and sports events.

Our participation in all this kind of activities is always focused in promoting inclusive youth/adult participation in multicultural diversity. our volunteers have been building a wide and strong expertise by offering themselves for different activities. They’d also been discovering, promoting and developing their own knowledge and capacities by integrating many experiential and non formal learnings.

Ali Şahin Sarızeybek